Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert is the national telephone warning system used by emergency services.  During likely or actual emergencies such as fire, flood or extreme weather events, your landline or mobile telephone may be used to send you an emergency warning message.

The text (SMS) message can be sent to mobile telephones based on the last known location of the handset and also based on a registered service address. You should ensure that your registered service address of your mobile telephone is up to date with your telephone service provider.

It is important that you listen to the voice message on your landline telephone or read the text message on your mobile telephone carefully and understand what action the emergency services want you to take.

An emergency alert is just one way to warn a community and will not be issued in all circumstances. You should be adequately prepared in the event of an emergency, continue to use a range of information sources and stay aware of local conditions. Do not wait to receive an alert before taking action.

The Emergency Alert service is available across all telephone networks. You do not need to register for Emergency Alert.

Learn more about this system at emergencyalert.gov.au.