Sturt SES is actively recruiting. 

Please contact us via a simple phone call, email or through the online enquiry section and advise of your intention to attend at a Tuesday night training. You will then be provided with some basic information and directions on a date and time to attend our unit to have a look around.

On this Tuesday night, a senior officer will sit down and discuss what SES can offer to you, what experiences and training you can expect to receive from SES, and provide you with a tour of our facilities, vehicles, and equipment. We discuss the roles available to you as an SES volunteer, and answer any questions you may have, and provide you with some documentation to get your application rolling.

We will ask you to attend Tuesday night training nights from this point which will allow you to get to know some members and commence your training in basic skills.

Level 1 training

After completing your membership application, you will be put through Level 1 Training. SES Level 1 Training is the first step in your development as an SES volunteer where you will be inducted into the organisation and find out more about your unit, general safety and also gain some knowledge of practical skills we use on the job. Within level 1 training, you will be inducted to and provided with knowledge in areas such as conducting dynamic risk assessments, vehicles and equipment, emergency lighting, ropes and knots, and ladders.

Once you have successfully completed your level 1 training with us, you will be provided with your uniform and safety gear. You will then be able to attend incidents whilst under the supervision of an experienced member. Here you will have the opportunity to assist the crew with incidents whilst learning on the job from experienced team members, continuing to expand your knowledge and skills. Typically we can have you responding within 4 to 6 weeks! 

Click here to find out more about our training opportunities, and further information on what other courses you can apply for.

Still interested in joining?

Please read more about the different volunteer roles, frequently asked questions, and members experiences on the links provided. Otherwise, please contact us on 8370 3120 or click here